May 23, 2018

Inlay - Overlay Custom Roller Foot for the Necchi Nora

I started on my 1st attempts at Leather Inlay - Overlay and didn't have a roller foot for any of my flatbed machines.

I chose the Nora because of her extreme reliability and the number of spare feet I had to modify.

I made one with two rollers; one on either side of the needle but this was unsatisfactory.

The (what I call) "parallax" that occurs on every sewing machine is especially noticeable on small tight curves. By parallax I mean the difference between where the material pivots from under the presser foot verses where the needle is actually striking.

So I kept at it until I was able to create a center wheel foot.
I like the center wheel because regardless of whether you turn left or right around the corner the minimal change in stitch length is the same.

So far the results are positive, I can stay between 1 - 1.5mm from the edge of the work piece.

Updated version:
The little teeth got in the way of stitching around corners so I had to make a second version of the spring steel guide

This was just a change to the spring steel presser guide, the roller is unchanged

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  1. Hello
    This question is related to a different blog of yours, the Tiptronic 1069 foot pedal. I leaned into mine too hard and it doesnt work now. I got it apart, just the one part snaps off. what are the guts supposed to look like? Nick