May 12, 2018

15-91 Clone "Fashion" (1953)

OMG just another amazing 15-91 clone.
With the motor belt removed it can spin about 4 times around with a single spin; these old masterpieces of manufacturing precision are a pleasure to work on.
A very nice condition machine with just a couple of chips, needed almost no cleaning but required rewiring of the motor plug.
Sews beautifully, needed a little bobbin spring tension adjustment.
When I saw that it was a "Fashion" brand I had to have it!
Says 1953 on the made in Japan tag.
Accessories and manual too.
Always like to have one of these on hand; so many newbies relate to them better than the complex machines, so I have a range of machines to offer.

Manual is great! It has the sales date on the Official Guarantee page
The 20 year Guarantee was up 55 years ago.
Strangely enough this machine was purchased was 22 years to the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor

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