June 3, 2012

Necchi Nora (1958)

Found the Nora at  church sale in very nice condition. Nearest I can tell it was made in the 50's. Compared to the Nova it is much more modern looking but has the same controls. after sewing with it several times I discovered why it was at the sale; turns out the thread tension device is a little fussy to adjust correctly and someone had moved it just out of position. Because the position (in and out of the casting) is critical it took a while to get it right. Also the bobbin tension had been wound up very high so you had to run up the upper tension to compensate, I think I have it balanced out now.

I really like this machine because (like only some machines) when you turn the flywheel by hand it feels completely free as if there is no friction; this makes any machine much nicer to operate.

The "two Speed" motor is a mystery; there seems to be no difference between either setting so I'll have to contact the expert on that.

It goes merrily thru an 1/8th in of softer leather perfectly.
Remember: although domestic machines can sew leather, leathers vary so much due to tanning and finishing that no one rule applies for all. Very detailed and exact practice parts are required for good results on the final pieces.

A 1956 Fiat 600 (that girl is NOT getting in that car dude)

Damn this is a nice machine to use! Smooth, quiet, strong, Sometimes just find something to do with it.