September 10, 2013

Singer 353 Genie (1973) # 2

So a second 353 came along and because of my fascination with designerly portables (and its near perfect condition) I decided to go for it. I usally loose interest in same models once I have one but when they are in my special interest area I can't resist.

First off it is a real nice condition machine seems to have had minimal use, I used my automotive lens cleaner on all the plastic; buffed up very well.

Back to styling, yes the Genie is cute especially with the cover up however placed in the company of her contemporaries like the Lotus and the 1040 I think it falls woefully short. Classic 70,s styling; hard edges with flowers... what's up with that?

What makes the Genie so unique is the screen printed front cover, beautifully executed with a subtle 3D effect; the Singer logo floats over the floral pattern. The problem I have with the Genie is the "sliced thru the forms" execution of the front piece that creates some sharp edges and breaks the form dialog that is mostly quite friendly.

I do not want to be harsh, its a good machine, easy to operate, and apealing to look at.

As for cars the 73 Lincoln and all of its "straight curves"

Interior too: