March 8, 2018

Necchi Logica 592 (1980s)

I sold my Sensor Sew with great regret but I was after the real deal... The Logica 592

The 592 I think is the primo version; it has both the speed control slider and the needle position switch. A couple of the things that the SensorSew does not have.

As soon as you go for a computerized machine you have to at the minimum have needle up-down position.

The Logica has needle up-down and motor speed control

It was a risky ebay purchase and of course it had a machine killing broken part in it.
It has several unfortunate damages but I will pick a parts machine when I find it.
Came with original manual all of the attachments and cover.

The broken bit is probably very common but is exactly the type of part I can fabricate.

This is the part that raises the feed dogs out of the Quilting or down position.
Reading online it seems that if you force the up-down lever when the cam is out of position you can break it.
The steel insert is there to slide on the plastic cam so I decided to make the whole thing out of steel

I digitized into cad but got a key dimension wrong so had to make a second one, I will go back to the cad model and correct it.

With a quick test it seems to be working perfectly

No more (eye roll) free quilting though

Update 04.20.18:

Love using this thing however, it does not have left/right/center settings for the needle! (least I haven't found it or a way to fake it) Necchi really dropped the ball on this one, I don't think the SensorSew does either maybe you have to work with the adjustable feet?

It does however have a better up/down needle position than either the Pfaff 1471 or the Bernina 1230 in that the needle goes up or down WHEN you hit the button instead of waiting for another cycle.


  1. I need to find parts for my Necchi Logica 592. Anyone know where I can look? Also, what size bobbin does it take?

    1. They are so rare... keep an eye out for the Sensor Sew.
      Which parts are you after?

  2. I need to replace the keyboard, the reverse button doesn't work

  3. Is there a fine tuning screw to raise the feed dogs just a bit to compensate for wear?

  4. I am the original owner of a Necchi Logica 592. I had it serviced about ten years ago and never used it once I got it back. Is there a market for these, as I know it is a heavy duty machine. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Betsy - May I buy your machine from you? I’m fascinated with them and would love to own a working one. Let me know! Thank you!

  5. I bought one from the original salesman /owner. Maybe I will keep it. It came with the original cover, manual and all parts. In the original box. The only thing is the LED screen has one line out.