July 5, 2017

Pfaff 1471 Creative (1983)

Finally got a 1471, after being so impressed with the 1069 I wanted to add the IDT to see what all the hype was about. I am really in love with needle position and so I'm researching all the 80's machines where this function.

Its a super cool machine with the electronics arranged for easy use.

Its got:
Needle position.
More stitches
Complete electronic controls
Electronic reverse
And that vintage Hewlet Packard LED red read out!

These early electronic machines have a  tendency to switch back to a default numbers when you go from one stitch to another instead of remembering what your last setting was, like the SensorSew.
If you were straight stitch at 3.5 length (default 2.5,) go to  ZZ at 4 width and 1 length (default 3.5 - 1.5,) then back to SS you have to reset you length, if you go back to ZZ you have to reset those again too.
Weird thing about the reverse; it makes one more stitch in the original direction before executing the other direction

Anyhow, these are nice machines, they seam to have a punching power that is very refined; the motor noise doesn't change regardless of what its going thru.

The IDT is a good addition, I need more experience with it to give a real opinion.

I do a lot of medium weight leather and this guy walks right thru it; rotary hook can't be beat.

The reverse and slow stitch are at the stitch are at head and now that I've got used to the transverse presser foot lift lever I like it better than the rear mount version; although you can't use it with your left hand that is worth the trade.
The electronic bobbin empty sensor is really nice, with the blinking red light you may have a foot or so left in the bobbin so you can begin to plan your exit strategy

During my early stitching work out with this guy (it is German) small bits of plastic were falling around the machine, it kept happening for a while so I opened up the top cover and determined that the IDT cam follower rubber wheel was designating.
It is a bearing with a rubber tire on it, I need to find this part!

Started using the 1471 for sewing thin leather (2mm-ish)
The IDT is absolute for this work, often with a standard flatbed the leather is very difficult to move with just the feed dogs, the IDT is very reliable.

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  1. I just bought one of these machines. It's in almost mint condition cosmetically but i haven't tried to use it yet. I expect to go through it first and find a few things in need of maintenance.
    I enjoyed reading your post.
    I feel that the leaning curre for programming this machine may be steep but I'm pretty green when it comes to sewing and yet in my zeal i have acquired 5 vintage machines... 2 Singers, one BelAire, a Kenmore and this Pfaff. I cannot wait to get a real sewing room set up and take a class!