October 15, 2017

Bernina 1230 (late 1980's)

After a year of looking and thinking about it I pulled the trigger on an Eba y 1230
This is part of my "looking for the perfect machine" project, and as mentioned before the 80's is where it has come together for me.

Of course it needed service when I got it and it may be that I felt more comfortable with it because I have the best service Tech about a 1/2 hour away at the Fabric Affair 
Rich is great; a collector restorer and refixit guy that loves sewing machines.

He asked me why the 1230?
As I have mentioned in other posts I have a huge background in what we at Chrysler called Human Factors, I was tutored by the great Howard Estes and many years of product development.
Human Factors now may also include HMI, Human Machine Interface. With the omnipresent "touch screen" HMI includes this difficult task.
We all have a touch screen or two that we are not fond of, they are fine for running electronics BUT when it comes to running a machine with it they are behind several systems. How would you like to ride a bike with a touch screen?
So simply; the 1230 has a computer that is controlled by physical buttons, buttons that have dimension, move a noticeable distance when depressed, have a feeling when depressed, and a light when they are activated. So in direct opposition is the Viking Designer 1 which I love but it has none of this "feedback" from the screen. "Haptics"attempts to mitigate this problem by creating a actual "thump" and a noise (thud) when activated and is in place in my Cadillac touch screen (although poorly) to mitigate the effects the problem; the problem is not knowing that you actually hit the button WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT.
The buttons are great but the dials are the real mark of excellence.
The dials combined with the LED "temperature" style bars are the "home run" part of the machine.
SOO easy to understand and use. The trick is to have the dial on the right side of the bar so I can see the bar, AND to have the side of the dial closest to the bar move in the same direction as the bar, hard to describe, easy to understand. This is what Human Factors is all about. The stitch width works in the same friendly way.

So Kudos to the experts at Bernina back in the day, they really knew there stuff and set out to do it right.

Got everything but the manual with it.


  1. I have a Bernina 1230 that I bought used about 7 years ago...has been to the Bernina store twice ....I love this machine. It is quiet compared to the noisy sewing machines I hear everywhere around me when I go to classes...It sews a great stitch and the decorative stitches are so easy to choose and use. No issues so far. I have heard that the boards go out eventually and people just opt to have them replaced. Nice purchase for you!

  2. I have bought this sewing machine
    last year and it work very nice. This is a very good machine. With any confusion you can purchased it.

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  5. thanks for the information i recently purchased one machine . sewing machine for leather