March 11, 2017

Montgomery Ward Signature (1950's)

The Signature (or 7 Jewel) is another example of a fine running Japanese made machine. It has a unique type of cam that sits atop the machine, don't have the other cams, but do have the manual.
Unlike the Pfaff 130 it does not complain when starting in ZZ.
It came with possibly the nicest condition case I have ever had, must have been in the upstairs closet and not in the basement

It has the older style top thread tension dial; like industrial where it turns around more than once
Although missing L-R-C it has an easy to use ZZ and a push-button reverse

The motor is a hefty 1.3A

The stitch length has an odd number font but they added "clicks" to the dial so it snaps into positions
Its a pretty little machine


  1. I found a full set of cams and attachments last week which should fit mine. What do you use for machine polish?

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    1. I like two levels of polishing compounds Fine like TR3 and rubbing compound
      You know you are in for the long haul when the fine wont work and the rubbing compound does

    2. Thank you. Hope mine won't be too much of a project. Yours is lovely. My father worked for Montgomery Wards and had beautiful blue eyes so I found one to remind me of him.