March 12, 2017

Bel Air Imperial (1950)

A nice little 15-91 clone made in Occupied Japan (says so right on it)
This little gem was in good but filthy shape
I really like the embossed front and rear covers

The take up lever and the forward-reverse levers were bent so they had to be straightened out
During the stitch test I threw in a 2.2mm piece of leather; the machine did not flinch.
The motor was shot so that is too bad and the case was beat up but I was able to repair it with little effort.

This machine is so smooth and powerful, in a sided by side test it proved a match for a Pfaff, Necchi, and a Jewel!


  1. This song won’t bind two pieces of fabric together, but it somehow binds the people in our family.

  2. I picked one exactly like this except the machine does not have the deluxe emblem on it (ever). It was being tossed from an estate sale and nobody wanted it. It would hardly turn but I freed it up, cleaned it up, oiled it, though I still want to rewire from the motor to the plug. The "Made in Occupied Japan" was buried under the motor, on the head, and exposed when I took the bracket with the motor off to clean it. It sews beautifully! I had problems with thread routing but your picture solved it, though the white thread on chrome in your picture was a tad difficult to handle. For a straight stitch machine, and the only new item to put on was a belt to replace one that once touched disinigrated, (I happend to have one laying around from another project that fit perfectly). It does need another case, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just find another portable with a deplorable machine but a good case and switch them out.