March 12, 2017

Bel Air Imperial (1950)

A nice little 15-91 clone made in Occupied Japan (says so right on it)
This little gem was in good but filthy shape
I really like the embossed front and rear covers

The take up lever and the forward-reverse levers were bent so they had to be straightened out
During the stitch test I threw in a 2.2mm piece of leather; the machine did not flinch.
The motor was shot so that is too bad and the case was beat up but I was able to repair it with little effort.

This machine is so smooth and powerful, in a sided by side test it proved a match for a Pfaff, Necchi, and a Jewel!

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  1. This song won’t bind two pieces of fabric together, but it somehow binds the people in our family.