July 28, 2011

Singer 15 - 91 (1952)

Another estate sale find, this 1952 15 - 91 is the epitome of workhorse design and construction in its day. This one is in quite nice condition as you can see. The front mounted thread tension dial keeps the side view clean and; narrow.

Singer held on to all of the old designs as long as the market would bare didn't they? The way I see it as the world came out of the Second War Japan, Germany, & Italy (the Axis powers) started making modern looking machines; using Industrial Design (styling) to help market there industrial restart. Now when u look back at the 50s design from these countries you see a wholesale shift away from the past; the past that got them nowhere.

I made the base after removing from the cabinet, one fine cabinet by the way. 75


  1. Never knew I could find a sewing machine to be "breathtaking." Beautiful base!

  2. The base is AWESOME! Do you sell them??? I just purchased my first 15-91 and it came without a case or base. I have been looking all over the internet and can not find anything! Let me know if you sell these online!

    1. Hi Nigel, that was the 1st one I made, I have simplified them (see some of the other machines http://mivintagesewingmachines.blogspot.com/2012/06/neccchi-nora.html)
      So yes I can make one but it fits to the under side, not flush with the surface.

    2. Hi Tom,
      Merry Xmas! Thanks for the reply back.

      I like the new base, especially the nature color of the wood. Would it be possible to make one for my Singer 1951 Centennial 15-91 in nature walnut with no stain finish or lacquer. I am a big fan of natural woods.
      Could you email me the cost for the base? my email is reyes.nigel@gmail.com.


      Nigel Ricardo