July 28, 2011

New Home 532 & 108

Recently looking over a Craig's list offering I became intrigued by what I saw. Taking a chance I picked up these two... I have been very impressed. They are very well made and and more quiet that any of the Singers. Best of all is the 1amp motor; most home machines are between .5 & .7amps.

 The metallic brown job is a 108, Green one is a 532; they are the same except for the light position and some badging.

From the middle 60's the color and finish are great. The rotary knob moves the stitch width indicator back & forth in the little window; its great. The New Home is a Janome made machine. These are excellent machines.


1 comment:

  1. I've got a Jones 532 which is identical to the New Home 532 apart from the paint colours and badge. I agree these are good machines. Simple and tough.