July 5, 2017

Kenmore 385 "30 Stitch"

The Kenmore 385.1884180 is a Janome made machine with their outstanding rotary hook system, I am very impressed with this machine; wish I had stumbled across them earlier.

It is a: durable, reliable, clean, quiet, and very smooth running with utility and decorative stitches

My stitch test was easy - easy a fun machine.

You know those Kenmore's when they got it right they really got it right, I think this is one of them.


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  2. I have had this machine for 28 years! I love it and it still works like a dream!

    1. I just got another one to turn around, I think its a great machine too. This one would not go in reverse so I had to fix that.

    2. Tom, how did you fix that? A friend of mine gave me this machine many years ago and I've just pulled it out because my other sewing machine has issues. I like the Kenmore, but reverse is not working on mine either!

    3. You have to remove the covers, unfortunately the grey face plate won't come off. Its hard to see in but the mechanism that is the reverse system is stuck and with oil and movement back and forth it can be freed up. This could be an over night thing; oil it, move it, and leave it till the next day, keep doing it till its free.
      Good luck, Tom

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