January 10, 2012

Necchi BU Nova (1952)

Having heard the way early Necchi's are spoken of (in hushed tones as if they were made by elves) I focused on getting one that came up on CL. Indeed it is a tight machine. This one built in the 40's  was essentially (as the story goes) never used; it shows no signs of wear however the paint has subtle crazing over much of the surface.

The Nova is a handsome machine more so I think than the Mirelli. It is very quiet and smooth. The stitch length control is ingenious however a little hard to get used to.

The presser foot control knob and especially the thread tension knob feel more like instruments than any other machine I have ever run into; each having fine threads instead of the typical vague adjustments on all other machines.

I love sewing with this thing; if I can find any excuse to use it I do. It chugs along nice and slow when necessary and sounds great.

1940 Cadillac V-16 Sedan
Simply Regal!



  1. It is a handsome machine!

    It looks like they streamlined the curves of the original black Singer to make (at that time) a more modern looking machine. I love the black dot of color on the tension knob.

    If I found one of these I would have to buy it.

  2. Hi Tom,
    Necchis that were manufactured in Italy are considered to be the Ferrari of sewing machines. They sew smoothly and quietly. If kept clean and oiled, they will outlive us all. Your black Necchi BU is absolutely gorgeous eye candy. No doubt, it will give you years of sewing pleasure.

  3. It is a sweetheart, thanks for all the comments Tammy.

  4. May I ask how much you paid for this? Thanks!

    1. I don't have a record of what I paid... $40 - $50 I guess.

      Depending on how often you see them listed on CL that's an OK price range. $20 would be better.


  5. Hi. I am currently shopping for a Necchi to replace my industrial Juki. I just don't need an industrial machine in my living room anymore. Can anyone tell me the differences between a Necchi BU nd a BU Nova?

    1. Nearest I can tell is nothing?
      A nice long internet search and finding the right Necchi expert may help but I don't think you will be sorry with either.

  6. I have one in great condition for $100. 8638083945