January 21, 2012

Kenmore 158.13011 (1969)

Another 158 series Kenmore (made in 1969), a gift from Milda. It had some strange issues the worst of which was the main cam screws being loose; a difficult problem to diagnose, I don't think that it caused any damage.

Not the worlds most attractive machine, nothing but the basics, and a blind hem cam.

I will say that it is VERY smooth the Engineers really got this model balanced out well. It has a totally unique spring loaded motor mount; something that could have been on all of the other machines of that day, one that makes tensioning and changing the belt a "no tools" job.

A Scimitar? Bizzaro!


  1. I just picked up this machine yesterday at the Salvation Army. As always, I fall in love with every machine I 'adopt' and will have a problem passing this on one. What a nice, quiet machine! I wish it had come with a manual, but I figured it out! I just found your blog, and I love it. I love how you compare cars with the sewing machines. You ar now on my list of reads. Thanks!

  2. Kenmore machines from this time period (in my humble opinion) weren't the most attractive but they are durable & well made! Great sewing machines!

  3. Just bought this exact machine yesterday. Got it cleaned up and sewing nicely. The only thing I can't get to work is the blind hem stitch. Do you happen to know where I can download a manual? Or suggest what I can look for as far as fixing the problem?