April 1, 2017

Bernina 830 Record Electronic (1979)

So now I know...

What all the fuss is about...
What a beautiful machine, smooth, quiet, has everything you need and a little more.
I am very lucky; this one was kept out of the sunlight and so has no yellowing.

The precision is amazing. It is in the Que for the next shoe

The Hall of Fame

It did not come with the knee lift so this is what I came up with.
The diameter is just under 1/4" so I turned the end of a 1/4" steel tube down on the lathe.
It has a 1/16" pin thru the end

Amazing to have a domestic machine with a knee lift!

Sooo I now have the infamous "full speed only" foot pedal😒
Have to figure out what to do... I think I'm going to try a conventional controller?
Turns out  we have a top notch Bernina Technician in our corner of Michigan.
The Technician at Fabric Affair gave me excellent advise and got the system running with the suggestion of replacing the brushes in the motor as a 1st order of business. So between him adjusting the sensitivity on the pedal and my replacing the brushes the machine is fully functional although it still has little bits of hesitation during start up.


  1. I like all metal vintage sewing machines because they are smooth and quiet. How does this machine compare to your favorite vintage machine?

    1. Its pretty smooth and more quiet than even the Necchi Nora.
      It is not even a rotary hook, I have to say that the Pfaff 332 is super quiet too.
      So these three are the finest so far

  2. Got one of these. Its in daily use.