February 15, 2017

White 2837

Cool retro sort of Deco design, unfortunately is a cosmetic disaster with lots of nicks and scratches.

But it is a lovable little shape, it was completely frozen, and took some time and effort to free up.

It is surprisingly smooth and amazingly quiet, some machines just have a free wheeling thing about them; this  one certainly does.

It is a left justified needle position, I don't like them that way and so, does not have the L-R-C control.

Typical of some of the White's it has a wide ZZ and we have been making boots recently, this came in handy.

1 comment:

  1. That's a very cool White. I avoid buying machines that are in bad cosmetic condition, but that one doesn't look too bad. I love the design. I have a vintage White that is also a left justified needle. Mine was made in Japan. It's a great machine but I wish it had an adjustable needle position.