June 17, 2013

Cowboy 8810 - Custom Hand Crank

A failing of the 8810 is the small and hard to turn hand wheel, making it very difficult in tight turns. It takes at least two "grip and turns" to get just one revolution. With my crank handle installed it makes "one stitch at a time" simple and unconscious; one full revolution leaving the handle in the down position leaves the needle in the down position, leave the handle in the up position and the needle is up.

I fabricated the longest handle and knob that would clear the table and here it is.
The other bizarre aspect of the 8810 is the stitch length adjustment method; I won't explain it here but the extended handle makes adjustment much easier.
I did an experiment with the stitch length to see just what range I might want to work in. What I discovered is that the smallest usable stitch is at the 2.75 marking, and that by the time you get to the 4 indication the stitch length is large. I'll get dimensions soon.

I have since shortened the handle 1" and that is a nice working length.

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