March 13, 2013

Juki DSC - 246-6

Actually this is one of the 1st machines I bought after many years of making shoes and paying someone else to sew the uppers.

I got it used from a CCS schoolmate in 2009 without stand or motor. 1st I turned it over to Brad for an overhaul and then I made my own stand that fit exactly into a slot between work tables in my shop.

The original DSC was a top of the line machine with auto thread cut-off and power reverse switch. I took off the auto thread cut-off but evetually reinstaled the power reverse, the switch is just a couple inches away from your hand.
The motor and foot control came from my 30 year old Soldner potter's wheel; an outstanding low speed motor and controller.

Tthe DSC is a cylinder arm walking foot machine I have a foot for working on either side of the needle foot. I use this machine for heavy work, not knowing what I was doing when I bought it I thought one needed a walking foot for all types of leather... not so.

I also made this very cool spool holder out of a piece of stainless, I never use the industrial spool hook-ups because they are too large and I would never buy a large cone of thread.

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  1. I've been looking for a similar machine for months now, with no luck. It is so hard to find these machines for sale 'used', or maybe I'm not looking in the right places... Could you suggest somewhere to look? I also have a shoe-making hobby, although slightly different from yours. Thanks.

    1. Andrew, if Cylinder-bed is exactly what you are after then there are multiple makers. They do seem a little rare out there so don't limit to Juki. The best I have found is to contact a dealer or a repair guy and spend time discussing what you plan on doing with the machine. Be patient one will show up, and good luck!