March 18, 2012

Remington Zig - Zag (1960's)

The Remington was at a local estate sale and after seeing it in the morning I went back at the end of the day to take her home.
From the 60's I can find little about it, however, from the other machines in my collection I see some interesting combinations. As with all product development from any period everyone borrows from everyone. Aside from being just another badged Japanese machine it has distinct Brother likenesses. The most interesting (and unique for the Japanese machines) is the Necchi BU presser foot lift mechanism; it's a very near copy. The presser foot tension control is also similar to the BU. 

Not a terribly attractive machine, it has a goofy organization of elements on the front; "just put a frame around each control and get on with it." However the machine runs and sews beautifully, fully making up for the lame attempt at industrial design.
I tried it out on a little practice piece... I think its more quiet than the BU? I'm going to keep working with for a while; I love quiet.

Beige in perfection! 1961



  1. Well Tom, you are correct this Remington is not the prettiest sewing machine. Having said that, it is not butt ugly either..just ordinary. I love the sleek black ones with shinny chrome accents or the pretty paint jobs on many Japanese clones. I'm still hunting for a hot pink Brother Festival451. If you ever find one, would you please contact me?

  2. Yes... from the pictures of the 451s I share your interest. Like the Viking 6000 series the Red ones really get people excited.