October 15, 2011

Brother Select-O-Matic (1950's)

I got a second one because I like this model and its a different color scheme. I have seen three different color schemes out there, including a all metallic blue.

This particular machine does not have right and left of center like the other one. That said they are still some of the smoothest running machines I have ever used. This one may have been later in the product cycle because it doesn't have the enameled logo in the center but it has an improved decorative stitch selector on it.

55 Bel Air... oh-ye

Also: found this interesting little historical tidbit about BIC

This quote from Solomon Adler sums up my personal feelings regarding invention and art perfectly:

 "When an idea is conceived by an inventor, it never leaves him in peace, it possesses him day and night until it is expressed, after which he enjoys a sense of relief and accomplishment."



  1. Do you know about how to thread this machine. I received it from my aunt and I am trying to learn to sew. However, I am at a loss. Any advice you can give me would be a great help!


  2. I also have one of these machines given to me by my grandmother. I am currently having it serviced for everyday use. There is an online manual that will give step by step instructions on threading the machine.