September 15, 2011

Singer 353 Genie (1973)

The Genie from 1973 is my 1st venture into plastic covered machines. Part of a select group of vintage portables the Genie is a great little machine. Classic 70's styling; straight lines and orange flower motif.

Very cool; the cover slides on from the left.

Here she is naked. She needed needle bar and timing adjustments; that was straight forward but I had never seen a thread tension mechanism like this so it took a little time to figure that out.

When the cover comes off you flip it over; it stores the clam-shell foot pedal and accessories. 

There are some places that a flower pattern just should not be.



  1. My local repair guy had one of these in his shop for repairs.
    I was surprised at how heavy it was.
    The tension dial is the same on the Singer 700 series Touch & Sews.

  2. Hi thanks for looking things over, I am going to take a sewing class from one of the local experts when the next class comes up and this should be perfect for carting around.
    They are nice collectors items.