October 2, 2013

Necchi BU Supernova (1956)

Well I have heard about them and of course I have the greatest respect for the Nora and the Nova so when one came along I went for it.
It came with all of the parts and pieces, manual and the unusual stitch selector ditty box.

I could see thru the grime that it would clean up OK, and the paint job that the Italians did is 1st rate.

I never cared much for the fat head and that lazy curve leading back to the hand wheel but the clean and compact styling kinda grows on you.

The front and rear 3/4 views are quite elegant.

It has the whacky rotating throat plate which is of course a great idea just maybe not worth the trip, on second thought however, one might be inclined to use the correct throat plate because it is so easy to switch back and forth?

I did a side by side test with the Nora to see if there was a discernible difference and I think the jury will admit that the two sound and feel identical.

It has a very nice two speed switch on the right; I'm allways interested in slow speed for leather work.

A delightful machine includes the bobbin winder that is completely covered "aircraft" style. The aluminum parts shined up like new.

Motorsport racing was passing through what are now considered there "Golden Years" the pace of innovation, the truly beautiful forms are soon to eclipsed by computers and the wind tunnel. Through the 50's the forms were emotional, often erotic and very inventive. 

So there is that reverse curve inspiration!

I simply can't resist a good cutaway.

And again the form vocabulary is all there on the race track.



  1. Gorgeous machine Tom. As always I love the cars!

  2. Hello, How are you? I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay. First: Sorry for my english, I only know a few words. I post this cause I need the user manual of this machine, (the supernova) If you got it I thought perhaps you can post it here. Thanks.

  3. Beautiful machine and it's quality. It's good making for sporty car.
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  5. Howdy all.. im looking at buying a Supernova from someone locally who inherited it & doesnt know anything about it.. neither do I so i thought I'd ask you folks...
    Will it handle a thick piece of leather?
    Thanks in advance, Russ

  6. Hi Will it handle sewing Canvas ? Such ss Taupolins & Shade Sails ?
    Cheers Bruce